ESC is coming to a place near you!
10 Billion Processors Ship Annually.

At ESC, you’ll discover the tools, technologies, & strategies to develop products that are:

technologies and strategies


ESC’s two-day conference is the only educational event that provides highly practical, technical training for anyone involved in product development that wants to learn about and apply the latest techniques and strategies to reduce cost, accelerate schedules, and manage risk in the product development process.

  • Different processors and controllers and their trade-offs
  • Networked embedded systems
  • Communications protocols and their trade-offs
  • Hardware and peripherals and writing device drivers
  • Working with open source hardware platforms and related peripherals
  • Embedded sensors and identifying/working with sensor inputs
  • Embedded real-time graphics displays, vision, and speech
  • Latest techniques for getting designs out the door quickly
  • Techniques for developing bug-free code
  • Software architecture
  • Project management tools/techniques
  • Fast-to-failure strategies and strategies for updating firmware in the field
  • How to think like a hacker and develop secure systems that counter threats
  • Business models for the Internet of Things
  • Case studies of successful/unsuccessful product designs


Get some serious hands-on time with the latest tools and technologies that will help you take your designs from concept to reality in while not quite warp speed, but faster and with fewer hiccups along the way;

  • Processors and programmable devices
  • Open source hardware platforms and single board computers
  • Hardware peripherals
  • Rapid prototyping tools
  • Design collaboration tools
  • Sensors, sensing systems, wireless nodes
  • Wi/Fi and cloud connectivity platforms and services
  • Hardware accelerators
  • Contract manufacturing services
  • Engineering software
  • Test & Measurement companies
  • Design tools


Embedded is everywhere today. Based on trends in the embedded space and feedback from suppliers, partners, and the design engineering community, we are bringing back the venerable ESC brand in 2015. The goal is to attract a high-quality profile of systems engineering management and staff, OEM decision makers in North America, and re-establish continuity with the ESC branded event in Brazil.

These events previously known as EE Live! and DESIGN West/East return better than ever to a location near you!